In both my photography and artwork I want to create something that has lasting meaning

Hi, I'm Holly, nice to meet you! How are you? It's a very hard thing to write about yourself ... but here are some truths about me... I am a creative soul and optimist. A hoarder of the useful and not useful.  I'm an avid skip junkie, bargain hunter and up-cycler. My dad taught me to measure twice and cut once. My mum taught strength and empathy. My paper cutting and kids taught me patience ( work in progress with this one )

I try and do yoga everyday, but sometimes the wine gets in the way. Life's all about balance surely?

I'm getting married to my best friend this year, in Cornwall, a place I hope to call home one day.

I believe in Love.

I love a story.

A love story, an engagement story or a family story.

I try and capture a piece of those stories, a piece of your story in all I create, so you have a genuinely personal connection to the image or artwork.

I have been capturing people's stories now for 15 years. One of my greatest pleasures is seeing my artwork or photography up in people's homes, part of the fabric of their lives. It's a real honour.

If you would like to talk more about me capturing your story, come and say 

I'd love to hear from you.

Holly Bobs xXx

My sister taught me

"Watch the world with glittering eyes. The greatest of secrets are hidden in the most unlikely of places"